The Benefits of Water for Body Health Rarely Known

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The benefits of drinking water are apparently not trivial, as many people think. The benefits of drinking water are to prevent dehydration of the body, maintain skin freshness, protect nerves and body tissues, and support muscles and joints.

Other types of drinks, such as soft drinks, are high in sugar and calories so you can gain weight. Energy drinks which are often chosen as a source of liquid should also be considered, because they contain sugar and caffeine. Likewise with packaged fruit juice, always pay attention to the product label first before consuming it.

Some of the benefits of consuming enough water are:

1. Prevent dehydration, meet the needs of body fluids
2. Control the excess calories of the body, maintaining the weight
3. Maintain muscle function, prevent fatigue
4. Maintain healthy skin, moisturize the skin and prevent premature aging
5. Maintain kidney function, prevent the formation of kidney stones
6. Maintain digestive function, prevent constipation (difficult bowel movements), and so on

Actually, the consumption of cold water does not have a significant difference with warm or hot water. However, if you are experiencing discomfort in your throat, fever, runny nose, runny nose, or other allergic symptoms, then it is advisable to avoid consuming cold food or drinks.

There is no direct relationship between consumption of cold or warm water with a person’s body weight or bulging stomach. In a literature actually said that the burning of calories that occurs in the body will be greater when we consume cold water compared to warm water. However, this difference was not too significant.

Therefore, the consumption of water, whether cold or warm, is actually as good. The most important thing is, consume enough water. In addition, also balance the consumption of water with a healthy lifestyle, namely by exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, regular breaks, and managing stress well.

To lose weight it is recommended to routinely consume mineral water at least 2L / day. No need for special water as long as it meets the requirements for healthy and clean drinking water. The clean water requirements according to the Ministry of Health, among others, are colorless, clear, odorless, do not contain bacteria or harmful chemicals and of course for drinking water it should be boiled / cooked.

Water is a liquid that is free of calories and sugar which is the most appropriate and healthy choice for the sake of keeping the body still has enough fluids, as well as overcoming thirst.

Besides the benefits of water include:

1. Keep skin fresh
2. Maintain body fluid levels
3. Helps energize muscles and lubricate joints to keep them supple
4. Helps protect spinal nerves and other sensitive tissues

On average, adult women are advised to drink about 1.6 liters of water a day. Daily consumption of water can vary depending on the expenditure of body fluids such as fever, hot weather, diarrhea, excessive activity, the need for more fluids. The average fluid requirement through drinking water per day in men is around 3 liters, while in women is around 2.2 liters per day.

You do not need to consume too much water for your kidney health, you should reduce the consumption of unnecessary drugs because most drugs are metabolized and thrown away in the kidney so that if you can continuously aggravate the kidney’s work.

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